It is currently the most developed country in the Europe in the fields of industry, economics and science.

Studying in high-quality and world-renowned educational institutions of Germany is the most real chance for Azerbaijani youth.
Getting a degree in Germany means guaranteeing a secure future for yourself!
Thanks to its programs, which quickly adapted to modern realities, the German education system proved to be the most resistant system to changes in the labor market. Even during the crisis, most specialists with German diplomas were able to keep their jobs.
One of the important factors is that Germany creates opportunity to study free in almost whole ATO.
There are only certain administrative payments, which must be paid to the account of the education center.
Education in Germany – unique advantages
  • Quality education
    German universities have a high ranking among the world`s universities. Thanks to the modern scientific base, lessons are taught using state-of-the-art and advanced technologies.
  • Free education in State Universities
    Иностранным студентам специально выделяют от 7% до 50% мест в зависимости от специальности.
  • Free education in English
    Germany is moving towards internationalization, and therefore it offers more free programs in English every year.
  • Opportunity to stay and work during and after education
    This opportunity helps students acquire applied knowledge and skills, and presents them well-prepared candidates to employers.
  • Economy No.1 in Europe, and No.4 in the world
    Germany is the most powerful country in Europe in terms of economy, its companies invest major amount of funds in scientific inventions and researches.
  • Opportunity to get a residence permit after graduation
    Foreign students successfully completed a German university are given the opportunity to get a residence permit for another 1.5 years.
  • Minimum 12 years of education
  • Certificate for 11 years of education + 1 year of Studienkolleg
  • Certificate for 11 years of education + 1 year of University education
  • Goethe, Bachelor's Diploma, Telc B2 – TESTDAF
  • IELTS 6,0-7,5 (Business, economy, Information Systems, Linguistics, American & British Studies)
Opportunity to study on 9 046 specialties
  • 8773 in German
  • 252 in English
  • Bachelor's Diploma
  • Studying in the 4th year
  • Goethe, Telc B2 – TESTDAF 4
  • IELTS 6,0-7,5
Opportunity to study on 9 524 specialties
  • 8 157 in German
  • 1 334 in English
Our advantages
  • Free consultation
    consultation, information about educational institutions
  • Program selection
    individual program selection, preparation for admission
  • Obtaining Visa
    obtaining the invitation, preparing documents, applying for visa
  • Student support
    greeting the student in the country of study, supporting him/her during the education period, assistance in all issues