Summer intensive courses for children

Usually, every summer, we organize intensive summer courses for children aged 4−14 with teachers from the United States and the United Kingdom.
Course duration
course is 20 or 30 hours depending on the age of a child
classes are held every day (weekdays) for 120 minutes
starting from 120 AZN
Lessons are interactive and based on the Cambridge program, which allows children to learn the required skills without pressure.

Groups are formed according to the age and level of knowledge of children.
Teacher-led active games, surveys and quizzes increase children`s desire to improve speaking, writing and reading skills.

Communicating with native teachers will help your child quickly form proper pronunciation.
Teaching materials are determined individually for each group, considering the language level of children.

Classes are held in different formats:

  • by local teachers
  • by foreign teachers
  • mixed groups (by local and foreign teachers).