English language course for IT specialists

Purpose of the course: To expand vocabulary in the field of Information Technology.

The course covers various areas and spectrums, such as new inventions in the fields of mobile communications, software, IT and artificial intelligence. It contains many exercises for improving listening and presentation skills.
Course duration
course is 30 hours
the duration and intensity of classes are regulated by clients
discussed individually with clients
The lessons are taught from English for IT & Telecoms.

Beginner level B1.

Students successfully completed the course are awarded a certificate.

The course is integrated into the online learning platform LMS (Learning Management System). This platform allows you to monitor the following, along with automating the teaching and testing process:

  • attendance
  • doing homework
  • dynamics of improving language skills (and levels)
Classes are held individually and in groups of 2−6 students.

A local or foreign (native) teacher is appointed depending on the student`s language proficiency level.