General English

General English

Our General English courses cover the range of levels from A1-C2 (beginner to advanced) of the Common European Framework.

We believe you require:
  • Stimulating topics that you will be interested in talking about and discussing
  • A challenging grammar syllabus which introduces new grammar topics with revision of previously taught language points
  • Self study and e-learning material
  • Regular opportunities to practise the new vocabulary and develop oral fluency

We use modern course books and a wide range of our resource material. Students participate in pair and group work and take on an active role in the classroom.

Our general English courses are ideal preparation for anyone wishing to begin preparation for the Cambridge exams such as PET, FCE, CAE or Proficiency.

We offer day-time (9 am - 6 pm) and evening classes (6 pm-8 pm)

Evening classes are conducted in the groups of 7-10 people. 

The course consists of 20 lessons and lasts for 10 weeks (30 hours in total). 

The cost for 10 week course is 150 AZN with local teacher and 180 AZN with Native English teacher.

From 2nd February 2015 we start campaign offering 15% discount to first 15 people registered for Day-time classes. 
Here are our prices with and without discount: 

  Cost per person per hour  with Local teacher (AZN) 15% Discounted  price per person (including BIZ club) per hour with local teacher (AZN) Cost per person per hour with Native English teacher (AZN) 15% Discounted  price per person (including BIZ club) per hour with Native English  teacher (AZN)
One to one  (individual training) 28 24 48 42
Mini group (2 - 3 people) 16 12 27 21
Small group (4 - 6 people) 9 6 16 14

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