"Joy Box" Charity Campaign

16.05.2016 "Joy Box" Charity Campaign

Language Services Direct MMC with the assistance of the Homeless Children registration office is arranging a  charity campaign called “Joy Box”

On the 1st of June – The day of Defense of Children – “Joy Boxes” will be presented to orphans and to children from poor families.  

“Joy Boxes” can contain:

-          Soft Toys

-          Learning Games (LEGO, Puzzles etc.)

-          Books

-          School stationery

-          Clothes

-          Sweets and chocolate

 All donations should be new or in very good condition.

 The “Joy Bboxes” will be presented to the children in Cafe “Yakamoz” where they will also be served pizza, juices, etc.

At the end 3 children will be randomly selected to attend a free Intensive English course at Language Services Direct

 Please join the campaign and make your contribution to fill a “Joy Box” 

For more information please call us on 012 490 50 31/33 or at 050/055 235 12 16 Yuliya Akhundova

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