Training methodology

At Language Services Direct we believe that the most successful (and ultimately cost effective) way to learn a language is through face-to-face delivery of the training by a suitably qualified and experienced native speaking trainer. 

In terms of face-to-face delivery, there are three widely used methodologies in language teaching and our trainers would typically use a combination of these methods, depending on the learning style and preferences of their student(s):

The Communicative Approach

The focus is on the ability of the learner to communicate effectively in the target language, rather than achieving grammatical perfection. The communicative approach centres on the learner’s needs, objectives, motivations and preferred learning style. It places an emphasis on the greatest possible (but not necessarily exclusive) use of the target language as a means of instruction and communication during the lessons.

The Traditional (Grammar-Based) Method

The Traditional Method uses the learner’s native language to explain grammatical rules and translate texts, with emphasis on learning verb tables and undertaking grammatical exercises to practise new structures and vocabulary.

The Direct Method

The Direct Method is more akin to first language acquisition, whereby the target language is used exclusively in lessons - with the focus on spontaneous acquistion, and learners developing the ability to "think" in the target language.

All our courses are tailored to the needs of each learner, and our trainers will adapt their teaching methods to suit the preferred learning style of their students.