Saida Ibragimova

Saida Ibragimova has been working in LBSD for more than 7 years. She started as an English Trainer teaching technical English for oil field employees, as she graduated Baku State University with master degree of Mechanical-mathematic faculty.

Saida Ibragimova successfully passed TKT exam (Teaching Knowledge Test) which helps her perform high quality trainings in different areas of English such as financial, banking, oil and gas, business, general etc.

In 2011 she was promoted to a position of a Head Teacher to provide support to ex-pat as well as to local teachers with any teaching advice. Also she is training TKT to new coming teachers to help them develop and improve their teaching skills.

In 2012 management of LBSD appointed her as a Quality Manager to conduct internal and external audits to follow ISO 9001:2008 standard assessing the quality of LBSD Company.

Personally, Saida Ibragimova is reliable, responsible, and very accurate in making, has got a great sense of humor, and loves life and positive people.

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